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Sheehy Lewis(0) (*)     0-1                 Swift Mike(1)

Cresswell Gary(1)        0-1                Eccleston Bryony(4.5)

Ash Graham(1)            0.5-0.5           Houlston Michael(2.5)

Eccleston Rowan(0)    1-0                 Beavan Andrew(4)

Tyton Adam(4.5)           1-0                Fairclough William(2)

Clissold Julian(3.5)       1-0                Busznyak Arpad(4)

 Doherty Paul(2.5)(*)      0.5-0.5        Lamb Ian(3.5)

Number of points in brackets at the start of the round.

*= 1 game less played.

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